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All our trips are offered in destinations where LGBT rights are recognized and respected. It is important for us to ensure that our clients are treated correctly at all times, regardless of their gender and / or sexual orientation.

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1/ For Straigts,  visit our sister brand, where we propose trips in any country regardless the LGBT rights.

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It goes without saying – Africa is the least tolerant when it comes to homosexuality with most countries criminalising sexual relationships between people of the same-sex, often punishable with the death penalty. However in the North and South attitudes are gradually changing.

Africa is a continent that offers rich ancient history, large natural habitats and jaw-dropping landscapes to explore. However if you want to feel more at ease with your sexuality head to South Africa. It was the first country on the continent and fifth worldwide to legalise same-sex marriage in 2006.

South Africa has a strong LGBT Travel tourism campaign to promote its destination as a welcoming, vibrant and exotic location. While Egypt, Morrocco, and Tunisia, with its wealth of European tourists, have become popular destinations for gay couples or groups seeking sun.

For nightlife Cape Town is your city, it has a maturing gay scene and as an international city it has a welcoming flavour. The Bronx is one of the longest serving gay bars in South Africa and has recently undergone a refurbishment. In 2011 Cape Town Pride celebrated its 10-year anniversary and runs between February and March every year.

Africa has a lot to offer the tourist looking for the unique experience from a trip down the River Nile, The Masai Mara in Kenya, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Marrakech of Morrocco, Mount Kilimanjaro or the Sahara Desert.

America & Caraibbean

North America is made simply of three countries each with their own take on liberalism and acceptance of homosexuality. The far North, the home of Canada, is one of the most progressive countries in the world with full equal rights for gay people.  While tolerance and acceptance in the United States of America are split and varied, more states are beginning to recognise more LGBT rights with New York, California and Chicago taking the lead. Mexico, alike USA, has varied equality rights for gay citizens.

The USA and Canada’s gay calendar is packed full of gay events and pride festivals throughout the year, the most popular being Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver Gay Pride Festivals in June and July. Mexico’s diary is yet to be as full however it hosts a vibrant Cancun International Gay Festival in May. It is best to check your specific travel destination for gay nightlife and events. 

North America’s huge and varied landscape has everything for the seasoned traveller, from the top tourist spots of Florida and California, mega cities of Toronto, Chicago and New York, unbelievable natural wonders of The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Fisher Towers of Utah, and the mystical geological ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park.

While the modem society of North America is relatively young compared to the rest of the world, there are extraordinary remains of ancient and historical cultures especially in Mexico with the archaeological site of the Maya empire Palenque, Chichen Itza one of the largest Maya cities, and the former metropolis of Teotihuacan pre-dating 2 B.C.

Homosexuality is legal in all South American countries except Guyana where gay male sex is punishable with life imprisonment. Argentina is currently the only country to recognise same-sex marriage although Uruguay, French Guiana, Falkland Islands, Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil offer same-sex civil unions.

Significant progress has been made in recent years with many nations accepting homosexuality and hosting energetic gay scenes and events. While at times villages and outer suburbs may be dangerous and there is a risk you may get swindled by a prostitute the cities have lavish parties and vibrant underground clubs.

There too are certainly some very colourful gay events, if Rio de Janeiro shows how to hold a multi-cultural festival in February then Sao Paolo is possibly the biggest gay pride in the world with over 4.5 million visitors. Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogota and Lima host annual gay prides though on a smaller scale.

South America is a rich and diverse landscape offering deserts, mountains, glacial formations and the richest rainforest in the world, becoming a very popular destination for travellers wanting a true cultural experience.

Whether you’re inspired by the Angels Falls in Venezuela, or the Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls trapped between three nations, the historic Machu Picchu, or the World Heritage site of Easter Island it may first prove tricky choosing the destination. While several nations share the region, speaking a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, you are guaranteed a friendly, welcoming and electric culture.

The Caribbean is incredibly divided when it comes to gay rights, probably one of the most diverse attitudes towards LGBT than any similar sized area in the World. Punishment in some countries can be as severe as a life prison sentence or 10 years hard labor.Jamaica is regarded as one of the most dangerous places for gay people while Saint Bart, Saint Martin, Curacao, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are the most open.

Curacao has been proud of its inclusion of LGBT people and in recent years embarked on a mission to place itself at the forefront of gay tourism for the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is the most famous destination for gay travellers with both the San Juan Pride and Boqueron Pride festivals held in June annually and Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest in November. In Cuba, while homosexuality is legal it is often prohibited for Cubans to engage socially with tourists. There are a number of gay places to visit in Cuba however you may need to try to acquaint yourself with a local to find it.

The region's tropical climate plays host to wealthy jungles, long white beaches and azure blue seas. In the Caribbean your entertainment is within outdoor activities, where you can use the diverse landscapes to make the most of your trip. You can hike through Puerto Rico’s cloud forest, turtle watch in Nevis, or snorkel in the warm Caribbean sea.

Asia & Middle-East

Asia is a large and incredibly diverse continent with a mix of cultures and attitudes towards homosexuality. While in much of Asia homosexuality is tolerated there are still many laws criminalising homosexuality, even if they are not always implemented.

Attitudes are split between East and West Asia. Countries including India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines all consider same-sex sexual activity legal but nearly all don’t recognise same-sex relationships. Towards the west of Asia attitudes couldn’t be more different – particularly if you include the Middle East whose strict anti-gay laws can deliver harsh prison sentences.

There are plenty of gay events throughout the Asian calendar and a gay nightlife can be found in most major international cities. If you head west, then follow the Cabin crews, otherwise in East Asia the Thailand Mardi Gras is hosted annually in December, while Taiwan attracts the largest pride parade audience with over 30,000 people, growing significantly every year, held in September/October. India held its first gay pride in Kolkata in 1999, in 2008 Delhi, Bangalore, and Pondicherry simultaneously coordinated pride events, they often occur annually in June. Since then the high court has removed the law making homosexual intercourse a criminal act.
If you’re looking for a very busy gay nightlife then Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong have an array of events most nights of the week. In Tokyo, Japan there are over 300 gay bars but beware, most are so small you couldn’t swing a cat. Other popular cities include Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, Delhi, and Bangalore. 

Alongside Africa the Middle East is the most difficult continent for gay people to live in the world though Israel, Cyprus, Jordan and Turkey are starting to become more liberal as they align themselves more with European values. In much of the Middle East homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment, or on occasions the death penalty.

Israel and especially Tel Aviv is the most open and liberal in the Middle East with a strong, vibrant and thriving gay community and nightlife. Tel Aviv Pride is one of the most colourful events every June that started in 1993. 

Much of the Middle East does not allow for public displays of affection, of nearly any kind, however with increased tourism to Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco the major cities now have more diverse visitors and workers that are starting to create an international culture and acceptance. The large international communities in cities like Dubai you can often find discreet events arranged by and for gay people, but these can be hard to come by.

The Middle East is famed for its high-rise modern architecture and cities built on sand. With thousands of years of human history in the region following ancient cultures, religions and societies there is a wealth of significant tourist sites to uncover. Jerusalem, Cairo, Istanbul, and Baghdad are impressive cities today while you can explore the cities of the past of Palmyra, Petra, Baalbek and Ephesus.
Other than ancient cities and cultures, there’s the Sahara desert, River Nile, the Red Sea, and mountains in the North to see.


Europe is the most open continent for LGBT rights and acceptance of same-sex relationships with not one country making it a criminal offence.

Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands all recognise same-sex marriage and many countries recognise same-sex relationships and have specific protection laws in place to prevent anti-gay discrimination. While some parts of Europe are still a little hostile towards gay people, the European Union has gone a long way in recent years to ensure the whole continent subscribe to the same doctrine.

Pride festivals in Europe are usually during the summer months of May – September, though to avoid clashes, some cities are introducing Pride festivals during the winter months. You can follow EuroPride that takes place in a different city in the first week of July every year – most recently in Stockholm, Zurich and Warsaw. In Spain, Germany and United Kingdom most large cities host an annual gay pride.

In most instances the gay nightlife is very easy to find and there is a gaborhood in most cities including Soho of London, Chueca of Madrid, Sconeberg of Berlin. While the further south and East you head research is a must and many gay bars will be hidden in dark alleyways, behind closed doors where you may need to ring a bell for entry.

There is a wealth of cultures, languages and landscapes to experience in Europe, starting in the major international cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, or emerging Eastern destinations of Prague, Warsaw and Budapest. Whether you’re interested in architecture (Eiffel Tower), Ancient History (Coliseum), Sport (skiing in the Alps), Culture (Germany’s Oktober Fest), or Beaches (Agean Sea) there’s something in Europe for everyone.


Oceania & Pacific

Although Australia and its colourful gay life may take up a large geographical landmass area of the Australasian continent, not all countries have such a liberal attitude to homosexuality. In Samoa, Tonga, Nauru among others homosexuality is illegal and punishable, it’s largely the (former) colonies of other countries (France, United Kingdom and USA) where there is a relaxed tolerance of gay people.

New Zealand may have a small population yet it is open and liberal and has a very visible gay scene with pride events in Christchurch and Auckland, as well as a Gay Ski Week in Queenstown. Australia home to the world-renowned Sydney Mardi Gras and Alice IS Wonderland Festival is a popular gay destination with a wealth of landscapes, habitats and mega cities to enjoy.

Papeete is a popular people-watching city, Papua New Guinea can be dangerous, and Noumea with wonderful beaches and colonial towns is emerging as a new tourist spot.
Visit the lagoon of Bora Bora, white beaches of the Coral Coast, the tropical islands of Aitutaki or the most amazing Great Barrier Reef. On this continent you can feel a million miles away from anywhere.

Oceania has a diverse range of beautiful scenes with mountains, rainforests, thousands of islands, deserts and simply put, a paradise that is only found in dreams.