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From looking for your dream villa to discovering a destination to create wonderful memories, we're here to help you plan the perfect getaway.

For LGBT holidays, there may be some destinations that require a little more thought. But with our tips and practical vacation guides on some of the best gay friendly destinations, we're here to help!

Renting a holiday villa means finding the comfort of your home and a warm welcome! All this with your private pool! You will not have to worry about booking a sunbed or struggling to find one available!

But the best is yet to come: Freedom and  privacy! The villa is a haven of peace and tranquility that you will not find with other types of holidays.
The holiday ideas on our website are just examples of the amazing trips we offer

Take a look to the below proposals. Of course it is only a small selection of what we can propose! Do not hesitate to contact our team to know the full offer! 

If you want to rent a villa in a country which is not listed (not respecting the LGBT rights) this is of course also possible. Contact us and we will work together on your trip.

​You can always have a full description of the gayfriendly destination here






​Rent a villa in South Africa or Seychelles. What a nice alternative to hotels!

America & Caraibs

​Discover here some of the most beautiful villas from America & the Caraïbs

Asia & Middle East

​Explore an array of Asia vacation rentals ideal  for families, groups and couples. 


From Ski Chalets in Austria to beach houses in Croatia... 

Oceania & Pacific

​Located steps from the beach, enjoy the amazing landscapes of the Fiji, French Polynesia...