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It is time to embark!

Cruises are becoming more popular, regardless of the sexual orientation of passengers!

Forget the prejudices about superpaquebots with impersonal service and the age of travelers (no, it's not just retirees!). Cruises today come in different forms: expedition cruises, luxury cruises, 100% LGBT, ...

But why do we usually associate cruises with ships? Have you ever thought about rail cruises to see? These formats are just as conducive to meetings, discoveries and moments of relaxation?
Come on, it's time to jump in!
Our Team
The holiday ideas on our website are just examples of the amazing trips we offer

Take a look at our cruises below. This is of course only a small selection of what we can offer. Do not hesitate to contact our team to know the complete offer!

If you want to cruise in a country which is not listed (not respecting the LGBT rights) this is of course also possible. Contact us and we will work together on your trip.

You can always have a full description of the gayfriendly destination here

Luxury Cruises

Seychelles Islands, Brazil, Canada, Japan...
Travel the world on 5* ships

 LBGT Cruises

In Europe or outside, join those 100% LGBT Cruises and meet lots of new friends! 

Expedition Cruises

Those smaller boats gove you the promise of a new cruise experience and the possibility to explore destinations that their big brothers cannot access.

Rail Cruises

The train as preferred way of transportation...did you already think about that? We talk about luxury coaches that will allow you to fully enjoy your holidays and the landscapes. 



Go Round the Workd aboard a luxury and private jet and stay overnight in amazing hotels! Exotic destinations have never been so close...